The professionally equipped multifunctional laboratory spans 800 square meters. Its prime function is to research, develop, produce and test the quality of raw materials and finished products. We utilize a diverse range of high-precision instruments. Our test results prove that our products conform to quality standards in all aspects of performance. Within our lab, we can perform a synthesis reaction and determine the proportion of each product, thus allowing us to optimize the manufacturing process in our workshops.

Our lab occupies an area of 800m2. It is strictly managed using Personal Identity Verification (PIV). Its chief uses include quality testing and product development. We have hired 12 operators who are responsible for testing of raw materials and finished products.

  • Plastic coating line

The adhesion testing equipment works with an electronic timer and a computer for real-time recording. The test plates combined with samples are suspended vertically on the shelf. Weights are used to determine the pull-out strength of the sample.

  • Quality control lab
  • Adhesion testing equipment

This equipment is commonly used in combination with a coating machine. It works at high temperature to measure the holding strength of the suspended adhesive tape.

  • Drying oven
  • Checking the sample
  • Micro-coulometric analyzer
  • Equipment setup for sample calculation
  • Tensile testing
  • Initial adhesion test

Our diverse range of adhesive tapes is produced from a synthesis reaction. Their properties depend on various formulations. We put these diverse adhesive tapes through adjustment and coating procedures in order to meet customers' requirements.

  • Chemical synthesis lab
  • Conducting an experiment
  • Powerful agitator
  • Synthesis reaction