Jiangyin Meiyuan Industries has organized manufacturing operations into 5 large workshops, which average an area of more than 7,000 square meters. Our annual production volume reaches 200,000,000 square meters of adhesive tapes, plus the 80,000,000 square meters of insulation vapor barrier. Within our workshop, raw materials are basically divided into aluminum foils and paper rolls. They are placed in a specific order and transferred by forklift, allowing us to assure our customers of production efficiency and cost-effective operations.

The workshop incorporates several high-precision production lines. During the manufacturing process, raw materials are conveyed smoothly on a quality conveyor belt. They will undergo a two-step, uniformly-distributed plastic coating process. Once processing has been completed, materials are immediately sent into a double-sided silicone coated tape production line. This production line is equipped with an innovative coating system. The dancer roll is for stable tension control in all sections. Hot-melt adhesive coating line plays an important role in the primary processing system. The company has invested in a high-performance reactor for production of single-sided tapes. This helps to shorten the dissolution period, and thereby guarantees a highly-efficient manufacturing process. The coating workshop will accomplish the final working procedure. It is equipped with advanced test facilities where we measure the thickness of the coating. More importantly, a PLC system is employed to control the amount of coating and the conveying speed. All of the tests and systems mentioned above allow us to guarantee the production quality with extreme confidence!

With the use of in-house, specially developed formulas and high-performance adhesives, we are very proud of the efficiency and effectiveness of our adhesive products. Before we carry out a packaging operation, all semi-finished products are subjected to cutting, rewinding and other operations in the packaging workshop. Finally, they are packaged in a very professional manner, awaiting delivery to consumers.

The average area of our workshops is more than 7,000m2. Here are two major areas where we place the paper rolls and aluminum foil.

  • Use paper roll as raw material
  • Use aluminum foil as raw material

In this process, we employ the high-speed, automated plastic extrusion and coating line. A top-grade die head is provided to control the tension and temperature precisely. It can create high-quality products at various speeds and under different working conditions.

  • Plastic coating line
  • Smooth-surface conveyor belt
  • Plastic coating for the first time
  • Plastic coating for the second time
  • Intelligent and uniform coating

The workshop incorporates 10 high-precision coating lines and 2 fully automated production lines. They can accomplish the single- and double-sided coating procedures. Our annual production capacity includes 200,000,000m2 adhesive tape and 80,000,000m2 insulation vapor barrier. An innovative coating unit is employed to guarantee a high level of precision. Here we also use a dancer roll for stable tension control in all sections.

  • Double-sided silicone coated tape production line
  • Silicone oil
  • The automatic rewind system of the silicone coating machine
  • Double-sided silicone coating via a conveyor belt

The drying system is equipped with a top-grade, innovative heat exchanger. It also works with air-circulation fan, as well as scientifically-designed channel and nozzle. Steam is used as heat source which can ensure the temperature is stable in all sections of the drying oven. The temperature is precisely controlled in all sections. The coating of the base material is dried uniformly.

  • Silicone coating procedure
  • Drying oven

Our product is guaranteed to possess superior quality and nice exterior. Each and every production line has a yield of up to 100,000m2 in one day.

  • Silicone coating for the second time
  • Edge position controller (EPC)
  • Product rewinding
  • Semi-finished product storage area

In this process, we utilize the top-grade coating head, extraordinary coating method, plus the advanced NDC coating thickness gauge.

  • Hot-melt adhesive coating line
  • Adjusting the production speed

The PLC system is a kind of controller that can ensure a good-quality, uniform-thickness and high-precision coating. The capacity of each production line has reached 100,000m2 per day.

  • PLC system
  • Speed display

The hot-melt adhesive reaction kettle takes advantage of the world's advanced design concept, thus ensuring a temperature balance and shortening the dissolution time. It also eliminates the adhesive aging phenomenon in the dissolution process.

  • Single-side adhesive reaction kettle
  • Automatic conveyor for aluminum foil

Benefits at a glance:
1. Rapid adhesive bonding
2. Adhesive bonding of various materials
3. The connector that uses the hot-melt adhesive can bend 105-106 times without cracking. It can withstand repeated heating and multiple bonding.
4. Stable performance
5. Easy to store and transport
6. Difficult to deform
7. Lower cost
8. Environmentally-friendly chemical product

  • Roll exchange
  • Coating plant
  • Semi-finished products
  • Equipment parameter setup
  • NDC coating thickness gauge
  • Drive shaft
  • Cooling shaft
  • Flow rate display
  • Uniform gluing system
  • Hydraulic jack
  • Intelligent conveyor
  • Drive shaft replacement
  • Edge position controller
  • Double-layer bonding
  • Multiple production lines
  • Aluminum foil products
  • Precise cut
  • Workshop for packaging of finished products
  • Large batches of paper rolls are placed in an orderly fashion
  • The cutting of the paper roll
  • The rewinding of the aluminum foil
  • The fully automated slitting machine performs accurate cutting

In this workshop, we have more than 30 diverse sets of rewinding equipment. They can fulfill various customers' production requirements.

  • The rewinding of the double-sided adhesive product
  • Automatic rewinding machine
  • The double-sided adhesive product is cut to size
  • Double-sided tapes are put inside bags
  • Double-sided adhesive products have been cut and placed in bags
  • The cutting of the vapor barrier
  • The automatic cutting machine can increase the production efficiency
  • Finished product storage
  • Raw material production area
  • The in-house developed glue system can improve the quality of products