Meiyuan Profile
Meiyuan Profile

For the best in quality adhesives, that stick every time, please check out products made by Jiangyin Meiyuan Industries. We are a professional adhesive product manufacturing and trading company. The company focuses upon producing high-quality aluminum tape, adhesive strips, foam strips, and several other varieties of adhesive foam tape. We have implemented an internationally-recognized quality management system which produces consistently high production capacity and a very efficient production process. We are very proud to have attained a wide array of qualifications and certifications from professional organizations like UL and SGS.

In regard to our sales department, we have put together and outstanding team of highly-educated employees which form a synergistic bond to complete excellent working procedures and provide first-class customer service solutions. They are able to quickly grasp and analyze market trends.

Mrs. Wu, general manager of Jiangyin Meiyuan Industries Corporation, has combined the implementation of an overseas advanced management concept with market trends in order to provide very precise production and product development in response to the market trends. This has greatly advanced the company's vision to enter the international markets. Aside from a convenient location near Shanghai Port and Ningbo Port, our manufacturing plant has collaborated with a world-renowned freight company, to provide fast, efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions.

Jiangyin Meiyuan Industries was founded in 1988. The company is mainly engaged in production and sales of various adhesive products, such as aluminum foil tape, double-sided adhesive tape and foil-faced insulation vapor barrier. We are one of the top 5 double-sided tape manufacturers in the Chinese market.

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The company rigorously implements the ISO9001 quality management system. All our products are manufactured under the UL, SGS and other certifications to ensure the highest quality standard for our valued clientele.

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The company has gathered a group of 15 highly-educated sales employees. We have established several famous brands, such as MEIYUAN, HUIQUAN, HUICHANG, just to name a few. The MEIYUAN family of products can be found at home and abroad. For the past many years, we have worked in partnership with numerous world-renowned adhesive tape manufacturers.

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Our general manager Mrs. Wu has once studied in Italy and majored in economics. After graduation, she returned back to China and managed our company. As a result of regular meetings and market analysis, our aluminum foil tape has been ranked first in China.

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Our location in the Yangtze River Delta is only 2 hours away from the Port of Shanghai and 5 hours from the Port of Ningbo. We have built long-term business relationships with world-renowned transnational freight companies like Shanghai AMASS, Fancheng International, Kuehne + Nagel. This can ensure the safety and timely delivery of goods. In order to avoid damage, products are all transported by forklifts in our company. They are packed with wooden pallets that fully meet the environmental protection requirements. Upon request, our products can be wrapped with film or packed with high-strength polypropylene strips. This can guarantee the stability of products in transportation.

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